July 22, 2017

Interview! Kate Benjamin, Designer, Blogger of Hauspanther, Part 1

“I’m not just writing about cool-looking stuff. I’m writing about stuff that’s going to make a difference in these cats’ lives.” Kate Benjamin has combined her professional knowledge of design and product development with her love of cats to fill a unique niche—she blogs about cat products designed with the […]
July 15, 2017

Interview! Meredith Hippert, Director of Field Operations, Animal Balance

“Through this work, I recognized my passion for serving the underserved, and working with communities to implement change for animals.” Though largely self-educated in the field, Meredith Hippert holds an impressively broad resume in animal welfare, from admission guidelines and outreach to foster programming and TNR. Her journey started when she began […]
July 8, 2017

Interview! Anthony Amos, Owner, HydroDog and Founder of the Bathe to Save Tour

“If you want to become a part of HydroDog, you’re not just part of a franchise; you’re committing to a long-term partnership with the animal rescue world.” Anthony Amos is the owner of HydroDog, a mobile grooming salon in Australia that travels from house to house bathing beloved household pooches. […]
July 1, 2017

Interview! Erika Kelly, founder of Operation Git-Meow

“The Navy has always been tied to cats, and that’s how the cats got to the base in the first place.” Only a year after graduating college, Erika Kelly is already well on her way to making waves in the animal welfare community—she started Operation Git-Meow in December 2016, a […]

Community Cat Grants

The Community Cat Grants are open to members of the Cat Colony group and are given out to 501c3 organizations to help develop and support spay/neuter programs.

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