Interview! Laura Baughman, Director of Operations, National Kitten Coalition

How Shelters and Rescues Can Work Better Together For Cats
How Shelters and Rescues Can Work Better Together For Cats
April 3, 2017
Interview! Jocelyn Bouchard, Executive Director, Yavapai Humane Society
April 6, 2017

“You’re going to get a whole lot more kittens when you start a nursery.”

As we enter “kitten season,” Stacy talks to Laura about “kitten nurseries,” a new and hot concept for management of neonatal kittens. Laura recently researched and wrote a manual for organizations thinking about starting their own kitten nursery that provides a complete blueprint for approaching this challenge. She notes that before an organization considers a kitten nursery, it should have a strong and capable fostering program in place. Then, it’s important to identify the goals and realities of establishing a nursery, including budgeting, space, staff needs and access to medical care. Once you start a nursery, Laura observes, you’re going to be a “magnet for kittens” and the task may be even more challenging than expected.

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