Interview! Jennifer Smith,

Book Review! Stacy LeBaron, Host, The Community Cats Podcast
June 6, 2017
Interview! Elizabeth Feldhausen, Founder of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, Green Bay, WI
June 10, 2017

“With an Easy Pet Fence, cats are able to walk around the backyard safely without worrying about attacks from birds and wildlife.”

Jennifer Smith is a representative for Easy Pet Fence, an e-commerce store dedicated to the outdoor safety and wellness of animals. Easy Pet Fence has different fencing kits designed for dogs, cats, and even chickens, and their innovative design keeps cats from digging under, climbing up, or getting over the fence. Self-assembly instructions can be found on YouTube or on, so you can have your kitty out and playing safely in no time!
You can find customer testimonials on Easy Pet Fence’s Facebook page, or follow them on Instagram @easypetfence.

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