Interview! Cathy Unruh and Chad Thompson, Board President and Executive Director, Meow Now, Inc.

Operation Paw's Parody Music Video
Operation Paw’s Parody Music Video
October 2, 2017
Time to Think About Winterizing Feral Cat Shelters
Time to Think About Winterizing Feral Cat Shelters
October 9, 2017

“My ultimate vision is that there really are no more community cats, because the entire United States has bought into TNVR.”

Cathy Unruh and Chad Thompson are the founding board president and executive director of Meow Now, Inc., respectively. Meow Now is the first and only non-profit organization providing TNVR services for community cats in Pinellas County, Florida. In the three years since its opening, Meow Now’s dedicated team of staff and volunteers have TNVR’d 3,300 cats and provided more than 200 kittens with foster homes!

Like most of Florida, Pinellas County boasts a warm, humid climate year-round. While great for vacation, it also creates a perfect breeding ground for both cats and disease. This makes vaccination for community cats very important, which is why Meow Now stresses the V in TNVR. And thanks to Meow Now’s efforts, TNVR is now standard protocol by law when dealing with community cats in Pinellas county!

To learn more about Meow Now, or to find out how you can support the new organization, please visit, their page on Facebook, or call (727) 203 5255.

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