Interview! Alana Yanez, Manager of HSUS Pets For Life Los Angeles

Interview! Suzanne Kogut, Executive Director of the Petco Foundation
November 22, 2016
Interview! Karina King, Director of Operations, Dakin Humane Society, Springfield MA
November 26, 2016

“When we have literally put these vouchers in people’s hands at their doorsteps, there really is no excuse now.”

An advocate for animals and residents of underserved communities in East Los Angeles, Alana brings compassion and political experience to her position as manager of Pets for Life Los Angeles and as the Commissioner of the LA Animal Services Board. She discusses the 2009 injunction against LA Animal Services by various wildlife organizations.

This lawsuit resulted in the near $800K, court ordered Environmental Impact Revue (EIR) and the halting of all much needed city-sponsored TNR activity. Alana also discusses the positive impact of the city’s voucher program, which provides spay/neuter services and vaccine services throughout East LA’s underprivileged, undocumented, and homeless residents. With obvious empathy for pet owners of all cultures, she encourages a non-judgmental approach to animal welfare, based on kindness and compassion.

For more information on Pets for Life, visit For more information about LA Animal Services, visit their website at and on Facebook.

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