Interview! Elizabeth Feldhausen, Founder of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, Green Bay, WI

Interview! Jennifer Smith,
June 8, 2017
What Food Makes Cats Throw Up
What Food Makes Cats Throw Up
June 12, 2017

“You would think that there would be nose prints all over the windows, but it’s actually people face prints! Everybody that walks by presses their face up against the glass, and the cats love it.”

Elizabeth Feldhausen is the founder of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, WI, a cage-free no-kill pet rescue that saves special-needs cats from euthanasia lists in the Midwest. She was inspired to start Safe Haven by an experience in her childhood with a beloved cat who had a stroke and who she nursed for five years afterwards until he died naturally.
Safe Haven is only a year old, but it has seen great success since its beginnings. Located in a storefront on one of the main drags of Green Bay, Safe Haven enjoys a lot of foot traffic from the outside as people walking by press their faces against the glass. It also follows the cat cafe model, offering drinks and comfortable seating for patrons, who can choose to go into the cat rooms and interact with the cats. There are plenty of cat caves and hammocks going up and down the walls so that the cats, too, can decide when they would like to interact with people and when they would like to be left alone. Safe Haven’s design truly puts the cats’ autonomy first!
To learn more about Safe Haven, please visit their website at You can also connect with Safe Haven on Facebook at, and on Instagram at @cat_cafe_wisconsin.

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