Interview! Shawn Flynn, Author, The Kitty Who Rescued Me After I Rescued Him

Interview! Part Two, Monica Frenden, Cat Program Manager, Austin Pets Alive!
June 15, 2017
It’s all about Spay/Neuter Baby
It’s all about Spay/Neuter Baby
June 19, 2017

“He had a huge impact on my life, and that’s why I decided to write a book about it.”

Shawn Flynn is the author of The Kitty Who Rescued Me After I Rescued Him, a current finalist in the 2017 International Book Awards. It tells the story of Shawn’s newfound best friend and support in a large orange community cat, who he met after purchasing a house with his fiancee in Enfield, CT. To the couple’s surprise, the house came with several outdoor cats who hung around the property, one of them being Kitty—and on the day Shawn moved in, he found Kitty sitting on the front porch as if waiting for him to come home! Kitty became a central fixture in Shawn’s life, helping him through some difficult personal times. The book serves as a thank-you to Kitty for his presence in Shawn’s life. You can find Shawn’s book here on Amazon, and you can reach the author himself at

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