Interview! Marnie Russ, Founder and Board Member, National Kitten Coalition

Interview! Kit Lilly, Founder and Board President, Charles River Alley Cats, Boston MA
June 24, 2016
How is Kitten Season Affecting You?
June 27, 2016

“Once you save one, you’re hooked for life.”

national-kitten-coalitionMarnie tells Stacy about her commitment to increasing the survival rates  for neonatal kittens through education, information sharing, cooperation and hands on learning.  Her organization, the National Kitten Coalition, specializes in helping shelters, rescue organizations, the veterinary community and individuals, better understand how to manage these tiny felines through a critical part of their life.  Marnie talks about the critical need for more foster homes equipped to handle “bottle babies” and how rewarding that work can be.

To find out more visit the The National Kitten Coalition online.

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