Cat Adopters Need to Install a Backyard Cat Fence and Here’s Why

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May 6, 2017
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May 9, 2017
Backyard Cat Fence

Join us for a guest blog post this week from Jennifer Smith of EasyPetFence! She provides her thoughts on why providing a Backyard Cat Fence is a good option for all of your cats.

Cat Adopters Need to Install a Backyard Cat Fence and Here’s Why!

When I talk to cat owner friends about outdoor cat fence enclosures, they usually give me typical pet owner answers like “Aren’t backyard fences meant for dogs?”. Or “My cat is an indoor cat, so fencing doesn’t seem necessary.” And even, “There is a cat fence on the market?”. To address the concerns of my cat owner friends, I declare that outdoor pet fencing isn’t just for dogs and is completely necessary for all cat breeds.

It’s true. When we think of outdoor fences, we usually think of dogs. Cats, however, need time to play outside, too, and explore new ground (outside of the living room!). And of course, they like to breathe fresh air, as well! Like dogs, domestic cats need a minimum of 30 minutes of daily activity to stay healthy and fit and need a chance to socialize with other cat friends… even dogs! These actions all lead to healthier, happier cats.

I can completely understand cat owner’s hesitation to install a cat fence. After all, cats are our babies and we want them to be safe. What if they get lost, hurt or stolen? Before I installed my Kitty Corral Cat Fencing System from, I was skeptical that the cat would get out from the top or crawl underneath the fence. If the cat system failed, I would most likely lose my furry friend forever!

Benefits of the a Backyard Cat Fence

After installing the Kitty Corral Cat Fence from, however, I can assure cat owners that cat fencing is safe and reliable. The sides and top of the cat enclosure is made from a polypropylene mesh that will gently sway when pounced. This makes a cat think-twice about jumping again! The top of the fence will stop the cat from jumping out of the fence and will halt birds and external predators from attacking the cat, as well. Finally, the bottom of the fence is chew-proof, made from a welded-wire fence material, which will stop digging critters from entering or exiting the cat fence.

Whether you need to train a kitten or get a chubby cat up-and-moving, you’ll find that cats are happier in their new outdoor play area!

What are your thoughts on a Backyard Cat Fence? Comment below and let us know!

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