Interview! Joe Miele, TNR project coordinator, Broken Promises SW

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February 2, 2017
How to Track Those Pesky Grants
How to Track Those Pesky Grants
February 6, 2017

“A tight-knit colony is going to keep other [cats] out of the area.”

Joe Miele is the TNR project coordinator for Broken Promises SW, a non-profit that seeks to address community cat overpopulation in Las Cruces, New Mexico and the surrounding county. Joe has been working with community cats since the mid 1990s, when he began teaching TNR classes with the Animal Protection League in New Jersey. He was inspired by the amount of people who wanted to help the community cat population in New Jersey, but found a very different scene when he moved to Las Cruces.
Faced with extremely anti-community cat ordinances, along with the general community’s overwhelming apathy towards the colonies in the area, Joe started Broken Promises SW to try and help the cats in the area. There are very few resources for his TNR group in Las Cruces, so they rely mainly on donations and are always happy to accept help.
To learn more about Broken Promises, or to donate to Joe’s cause, search for Broken Promises SW on Facebook. You can also get in touch with Joe by emailing or by calling 575-680-1955.

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