Interview! Dr. Nels Rasmussen, Animal Chiropractor and Spiritual Animal Healer

Cats and Crossfit
Cats and Crossfit
September 24, 2017
Operation Paw's Parody Music Video
Operation Paw’s Parody Music Video
October 2, 2017

“Everyone else is saying ‘There’s just no hope anymore,’ and I’m here to say there is.”

Dr. Nels Rasmussen is a third-generation animal chiropractor who now works as a spiritual animal healer in neuroenergetic balancing. In the early days of his practice he worked with paralyzed and injured horses, restoring them to riding shape. Now, he works mostly with dogs and some cats and horses. Dr. Rasmussen believes that many injuries and behavioral problems that have veterinarians stumped can be solved by resetting the fight-or-flight response and restoring the energy balance within the animal. In his nearly forty years of practice, Dr. Rasmussen has seen incredible results in his patients and saved many animals from unnecessary euthanization due to mobility issues.

For more information on Dr. Rasmussen’s work, or to schedule a thirty-minute phone consultation about an animal in your care, please visit

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