Interview! Sarah-Jane Farrell, Multi Sensory and Forensic Medical Intuitive

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October 23, 2017
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“The trust process is the first step in our ability to trust that we are enough. It is as ancient as humankind.”

Sarah-Jane Farrell is a pragmatic psychologist who specializes in healing trauma through utilizing the animal relationships in our lives. Sarah-Jane grew up in Zimbabwe, where she always felt that animals understood her more than people did. She has always been struck by the animal ability to live in the present moment and only focus on necessities, whereas humans often “live from the head instead of the heart.” To counter this habit, she encourages her clients to trust themselves and their natural instincts, as well as to observe and learn from the animals in their lives. Sarah-Jane has been fortunate enough to study the lions of the Zimbabwe savannah, and has learned much about interdependence and intergenerational wisdom from these majestic wild cats.

Sarah-Jane offers online courses on how to rebuild your “trust process” and harness your innate healing abilities. You can sign up for these courses at, as well as learn a little more about Sarah-Jane and her practice. You can also find a variety of video tutorials on her YouTube channel, or connect with her on Facebook.

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