Interview! Dr. Mike Greenberg, Program Director for Target Zero

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October 30, 2017
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“We want to teach people to set goals, and then to use metrics to measure their progress towards them.”

Dr. Mike Greenberg is the program director for Target Zero, a project that helps municipal shelters achieve live release rates of 90% or above for community cats. He is also the co-author of Every Nose Counts: A Guide to Using Metrics in Animal Shelters. Mike describes the book as a practical guidebook for the entire sheltering world and those who care for homeless animals, from volunteers to vets. Every Nose Counts argues for the utility of statistical metrics in predicting live release rate outcomes in shelters, and instructs on the implementation of metrics in the animal welfare world. The book is a marriage of Dr. Greenberg’s professional experience in shelter medicine with his interest in data analysis and his passion for education other animal welfare professionals.

You can purchase your own copy of Every Nose Counts at or on Amazon, where it is available in both hardcover and electronic formats.

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