Interview! Brianna Grant, Communications Associate at Alley Cat Rescue

Have A Missing Cat? Do These Things First!
Have A Missing Cat? Do These Things First!
February 5, 2018
Wisdom from a “Master Trapper" - Part 1
Wisdom from a “Master Trapper” – Part 1
February 12, 2018

“We believe in protecting all cats, no matter what area they are in.”

Brianna Grant was always involved with cats and when she was younger, she found a particularly sweet whose terrible condition broke Brianna’s heart. She spent the next few months taking care of this little stray and in the process, learned a lot about TNR and community cats. Through this experience, Brianna’s passion for animal advocacy was born!

While getting her degree at Tufts, Brianna worked a great deal with FIV+ cats and she now works with them at Alley Cat Rescue as well. Alley Cat Rescue, where Brianna works as a communications associate, focuses on protecting domestic and free-roaming cats and is involved in animal advocacy at the local, national and international levels.

Alley Cat Rescue is working on an advocacy campaign on a new hot topic: Australia’s feral cat bounty program, where hunters can bring in the scalps of feral cats to the government for money. There are of course many people who are opposed to this program for various reasons. Many people also believe that the program will not actually help decrease the population of feral cats, which is its stated goal. So far, no hunters have claimed the bounty, and Brianna and Alley Cat Rescue are hoping that the large scale media attention the program is drawing will help bring the bounty to an end. Despite studies that have shown how effective TNR can be in Australia, the government still does not support it and instead is focused on funding less humane ways to eradicate the cat population.

Currently,137,000 signatures have been collected in an online petition to end Australia’s feral cat bounty program, with 16,000 of those signatures coming from local Australians, many of whom are understandably worried about their domestic cats wandering out and being scalped for bounty money by overzealous hunters.

For more information on Australia’s feral cat bounty program and other issues, head over to

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