September 23, 2017

Interview! Esther Mechler, Founder of Spay USA

“What’s the tipping point? What’s the age that we could get the veterinarians to agree? The answer seemed to be, by five months.” Esther is back for another episode of the Community Cats Podcast, in which she shares more information on the Feline Fix By Five campaign, an initiative to encourage […]
September 16, 2017

Interview! Britt Collins, Author and Journalist, “Strays: A Lost Cat, a Homeless Man, and Their Journey Across America”

“Being a writer can be a lonely, hard process at the best of times.” Britt Collins is a writer, journalist, and animal activist, who has written investigative journalism on animal cruelty and has volunteered at animal rescues and sanctuaries around the world. Her most recent book, Strays: A Lost Cat, a Homeless […]
September 9, 2017

Interview! Anna Skaya, CEO and Founder of Basepaws

“The bigger database, the more associations and discoveries we can make.” Anna Skaya is the CEO and founder of Basepaws, a commercial company that conducts feline genetic testing and research. Using the results from genetic testing, we can analyze an individual cat and assess her probability of contracting certain diseases. […]
September 2, 2017

Interview! Maribeth Decker, Intuitive Animal Communicator,

“It’s a connection between two souls on a non-physical level.” Maribeth Decker is an intuitive animal communicator, whose dogs first began communicating with her after she became a Reiki Master. She herself only realized her gift when she adopted Tibor, a young fear-aggressive rescue dog, who sent her images of […]
August 26, 2017

Interview! Lorrie Shaw, Owner, Professional Pet Sitting & Blogger, Animals Unfolded

“Cats’ needs for enrichment are only becoming more understood.” Lorrie Shaw is the owner of Professional Pet Sitting and specializes in helping families care for hospice and special needs pets. Through her work, she has observed that medical issues and behavioral issues are very often linked—inappropriate elimination, for example, is the most […]

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